Natural Wonky Treat Box

Natural Wonky Treat Box

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This is a one off special, Just for May day. We are literally giving this box away for this price. You get 400g worth of wonky/broken treats for £10. There is nothing wrong with these treats, Borshka our treats inspector decided they just didn't pass inspection control, and way too much to eat all by herself.

We all remember our parents coming back at Christmas with a box of broken biscuts well this is just the same but for dogs !


Available for all breeds of dogs and also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old and perfect for the smaller breed of dogs.


Our treats are -

100% natural with no additives and preservatives

No raw hide

Gluten and grain free

Dehydrated or air dried

Low in fat high in protein

Aids healthy teeth and gums


If you would prefer not to have any furry rabbit ears or bits then just leave us a message when you checkout and we will happily replace them with an alterative wonky treat.


Remember dogs can get excited about treats, So we advise you supervise your pets when feeding them treats and ensure clean fresh water is readily available at all times.