Christmas Dinner Box

Christmas Dinner Box

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Treat your furry best friend this year to our Christmas Dinner Box ! Dont let your dog be left out when you are delving into your Xmas dinner, when they can be enjoying a Xmas dinner too. 


100% Natural treat box for your dog. A fantastic box full of a variety of natural treats. Free from additives and preservatives, packed with natural ingrediants.


This box will contain 27 delicious treats that we know you dog will love, as it has been given the paws up from Borshka.


This box contains:

1 Turkey neck

1 pig in blanket 

1 Black pudding sausage stick

1 Lamb leg 

1 Beef trachea

3 Gormet sausages 

2 Beef spaghetti

1 Beef & Veg sausage stick 

1 Beef jerky 

1 Pork crunch

2 Chicken feet 

6 Chicken wings 

1 Large Cow ear

1 Roast knuckle

2 Duck feet 

1 Wild boar strip

1 Pheasant strip 


Some products may not be availble and will be substituted by a similar product.


Remember dogs can get excited about treats, So we advise you supervise your pets when feeding them treats and ensure clean fresh water is readily available at all times.