We are pleased to be affiliated to the BRAVEHOUND charity we will regularly donate profits to the charity.

BRAVEHOUND is a military charity which supports military veterans who live with conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety.

A BRAVEHOUND dog gives isolated veterans 24hr companionship, a reason to get up and go out - a purpose and structure to each day. 

We provide support dogs and all of the training and welfare support for each

BRAVEHOUND over it’s lifetime, including veterinary care. 

Find out more about our work at

BRAVEHOUND are proud to be the charity  ARTEMIS NATURAL DOG TREATS  have chosen to support. 



Myself and my friend Craig Payne volunteered to walk 34km from Derby football ground to Nottingham Forest football ground. Both of us who have come from a military background serving with the 1WFR/2 Mercian regiment understand how important the work BRAVEHOUNDS do for veterans, training and providing assistance dogs for veterans as a form of companionship. In total we raised £1000 for the BRAVEHOUND charity. Keep an eye out as we will be raising more money for the charity later in the year.